Economic Development

Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation

The Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation (UAEDC), is a North Dakota non-profit corporation whose mission is to "provide a dynamic atmosphere that allows our businesses to prosper and to provide the highest quality of life for the families of our community and the surrounding area." Started by members of the Underwood business community in 1990, the UAEDC continues to operate today with a volunteer Board of Directors that fuels the economic development of the community.



















Underwood Vision Statement

Underwood is a growing community attractive to all who want to be part of a compassionate, caring, and accepting place. We provide recreation and services for those who want to grow, prosper, and retire in a place they call home.

Underwood Public School is the pride of the community. It provides world class education and activities in a dynamic learning environment for youth and adults.

We are a diverse and vibrant business community that excels in quality and service from the perfect T-Bone steak to the best medical care. Residents and visitors alike can find it all in Underwood.

Our beautiful city has a proud history and a promising future.