CITY UTILITIES - Water, Sewer, Garbage

For utility emergencies (sewer back-ups and spills, water main breaks, flooding)  call City Maintenance at 701-400-5481 or the City Office at 442-5481.    

Annual Consumer Confidence Report - Water Quality Report

2015 Consumer Confidence Report

SIGN-UP FOR UTILITIES:   Water, Sewer, Garbage


To sign up for residential or commercial utilities - - please fill out and return the New Utility Customer Application, and return it to Underwood City Office either in person, by FAX at 701-442-5482, or by e-mail at


UTILITY BILLING AND RATES:   Water, Sewer, Garbage

The City of Underwood bills residents monthly for water, sewer, and garbage for services utilized the previous month.      Bills are sent out the first of the month and are due in full the 20th of each month.    If a bill is over 60 days past due, it is considered delinquent and shut-off notices will be sent out.  There is a $40.00 disconnect fee and a $40.00 connection fee if your services are shut off for delinquency.  If you are having problems paying your utility bill, please contact our office and we will work with you as best possible. 

Payment Options are listed below:

  • Mail payment to: City of Underwood
    PO Box 168
    Underwood, ND58576

  • In Person: City of Underwood utility bills can be paid in person by cash, check, or credit card* at our office located at 88 Lincoln Ave. Office hours - Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm excluding holidays.

  • Drop Off Location: For your convenience - drop off your payment at North Country Bank.

  • ACH- Auto - Payment through your bank: Your bill will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account between the 10th of each month. You will still continue to receive your bill. There is no charge for this service. To sign up for this service, complete the ACH Authorization Form and return it to the Underwood City Office.

  • Credit Card Payment: Call the City Office at 442-5481 - Utility payments may be made over the phone with your MasterCard, Visa, American Expressor Discover credit / debit card* through MuniciPAY.
    *A convenience fee will be charged by MuniciPAY for this service.

  • Internet Banking: If you utilize your bank's internet banking - set us up as a recurring bill.



  Water:      $25.50 base rate -  includes 2,000 gallons of water

                   After the base rate is:

                              $4.25 per 1,000 gallons used


             Sewer:    $14.05 base rate - includes 5,000 gallons

                               After the base rate is:

                               Winter - $.58 per additional 1,000 gallons(Jan, Feb, Mar - - - - Oct, Nov, Dec)

                               Summer - $.31 per additional 1,000 gallons (Apr, May, Jun - - - - Jul, Aug, Sep)

                Water Main Maintenance Fund:  $2.08 monthly

               Water Meter Replacement Fund:   $3.40 monthly


              Garbage:    $16.00 per month (includes one 96 gallon tote).
                                   $4.50 per month for 2nd tote




The City of Underwood only reads and calculates your water / sewer usage on the calendar quarters - March, June, September, and December of each year.  Each month you are billed the basic charges - - then for March, June, September and December your water / sewer usage is calculated based on what usage there has been for the quarter at the above rates - - resulting in the larger bill.