Underwood is a growing community with a strong employer base.  Because of the rapidly expanding energy sector in McLean County, Underwood has experienced a housing shortage in the past, especially for temporary and/or seasonal workers. To address these needs, a housing plan for the City of Underwood is currently in development and will be posted as a pdf upon completion. Click here to view a copy of the Underwood Housing Study.

In order to get the most up-to-date information on housing, please call Diane Schell, Underwood City Hall, at 701-442-5481.

City of Underwood Map

Lots for Sale

The City of Underwood currently owns 12 lots east of Westridge Golf Course (the Westridge Estates). Infrastructure for these lots, including water, sewer, street, curb, and gutter, is completed, and these lots are ready for home construction. Special incentives to purchase these lots, including property tax abatement for a period of five years, are currently available.

A number of other lots on the south side of town (the Repnow-Mees Addition) are also owned by the City of Underwood. Infrastructure for these lots, including power, telephone, water, sewer, street, curb, and gutter, is also completed, and these lots are ready for home construction. Special incentives to purchase these lots, including property tax abatement for a period of five years, are currently available. Other incentives, which are not currently described in this web site, may also be available.

New Home Construction

The Underwood Housing Demand Analysis, completed in December 2009, indicated a need for new home construction in the area to meet the needs of both permanent and seasonal workers.  In response to that need, the Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation applied for and received a grant award from the ND Housing Finance Agency to build a spec home in Underwood’s Repnow-Mees Subdivisions. 


Hotels: Underwood

The Dakota Rose Inn

Joe, Mgr @ 602-569-7907

Underwood Inn




Elkridge Apartments - 2 bedrooms
Furnished or Unfurnished
705 Main Street
707 Main Street
104 Stewart Avenue
708 1st Street

Joe Fleischman, Mgr.

Windy Meadows- 2 or 3 bedrooms
701 W. Borchardt Ave.
705 W. Borchardt Ave.
709 W. Borchardt Ave.
713 W. Borchardt Ave.

Angela Smith, Mgr.


Country Gold Properties- 2 bedrooms
307 Lincoln Ave.

Tom & Denise Senger, Country Gold Properties - Owner

Hillside Apartments - 2 bedrooms
206 1st Street

Dave or Roxy Kapanke - Owners

Underwood Housing Authority
One Townhouse Unit currently available
701 - 707 Southview Drive
(4 units) Newly constructed 2-3 bedroom
Townhouses with attached garage
one level - No steps, central air,
walk-in closets.

Contact City Office

Underwood Lodge
Badlands Investment Group
83 Lincoln Ave

$500 per month, Weekly rental available
Spacious Individual Rooms, Common Shower Access
Free Utilities, Free Truck Parking

(715) 817-8333
or Paul_Cabrera@yahoo.com

Office Space or Meeting Rooms for Rent

> 101 Lincoln Ave (Chris or Stacy Anderson)701-301-0479 Underwood City Hall: Carl Bader Hall or the Council Room 701-442-5481 <> Westridge Golf Course 701-442-5555


Underwood, ND 58576



Campgrounds or RV Parks

Embers Estates - Underwood
Mobile homes, RV’s, Campers - Water, Sewer, Electricity

701-663-0996 McLean Co. Fair Grounds - Underwood
RV's, Campers - Electricity only -
Shower Bldg., etc. 701-442-5481, Diane Schell Down Stream Campground - Garrison Dam
RV's, Campers - Electricity 877-444-6777
US Army Corps of Engineers Wolf Creek Campground - Rural Coleharbor
RV's, Campers - Primitive
US Army Corps of Engineers East Totten Trail - Rural Coleharbor
RV's, Campers - Electricity or Primitive

US Army Corps of Engineers


Area Rentals

Riverdale, North Dakota Housing
(16 miles West of Underwood)

Riverdale Inn - Patty & Lyle

Sakakawea Motel - Mike or Deb McCleery

Riverdale High Lodge






Turtle Lake, North Dakota Housing
(15 miles East of Underwood)

TL Apartments
Metro Plains - 12 plex income based apartments



or 701-391-4632


701-448-9125 - Don Cullem

701-448-9266 - Allan Hetzler


McClusky, North Dakota housing
(40 Miles East of Underwood)

Hunter's Lodge - Roy Hoffman
Up to eight people - laundry service provided




Washburn, North Dakota Housing
(15 miles south of Underwood)

Bunkhouse (sleeping rooms)

Marlin Leidholm (sleeping rooms)

Scotwood Motel

Courtwood Apartments

Washburn & Walcker Apartments