Mclean County Outdoor Adventures

Located in central North Dakota, McLean County offers the outdoorist and recreationist four season adventure throughout its 2,065 square mile area. Bordered by beautiful Lake Sakakawea and the Missouri River, McLean County is an oasis upon North Dakota's windswept prairies. McLean County harbors some of North Dakota's finest fishing waters and facilities from the Missouri River tail waters and lower end Lake Sakakawea along the Garrison Dam, to the badland areas of Indian Hills and Deepwater Bay. Along this sixty mile expanse, anglers can try for trophy catches of walleye, Chinook salmon, northern pike, saugeye/sauger and smallmouth bass. Upland game hunters will find broad expanses of publicly accessible lands along Lake Sakakawea's shorelines and many other areas throughout the county's borders. Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse and ringneck pheasants inhabit many of these areas in large numbers.

Waterfowlers will find heaven within McLean County's borders each fall as migratory populations of geese and ducks utilize the region as a resting and feeding area. These areas attract Lessor Canada geese, whitefront/specklebellys, Giant Canada geese and in the Northern portion of the county, snow geese and tundra swans. Hunters can test their calling and decoying skills, field hunting on McLean County’s rich agricultural land.

Lake Audubon is best known for producing Giant Canada geese, as it is home to a large number of resident birds which use the Lake Audubon National Wildlife Refuge as a year round home. 

Visit the McLean County website for more information on outdoor adventures.