The City of Underwood contracts it's garbage service through Circle Sanitation, Minot.  Only residential accounts are billed through the city on your monthly utility (water, sewer, garbage) bill.    If you are a business or commercial entity, contact Circle Sanitation at 701-838-1182  or 1-866-839-1868 to set up your account.  If you need to order a roll-off for your own personal use, contact Circle Sanitation at 701-838-1182 or 1-866-839-1868. 

Garbage pickup schedule, tote placement,  safe use and care of your tote:

RESIDENTIAL GARBAGE IS PICKED UP ON THURSDAY'S - - TOTES NEED TO BE PLACED  ON THE STREET BY 7:00 AM.    If your tote is not out by 7:00 am, the tote WILL NOT be dumped until the next regular service day.  *If you missed the truck, check if the totes across the street have been dumped - if not, place your tote on that side of the street to get it dumped.

Circle Sanitation's trucks are equipped to pick up the totes without having the driver leave the truck.   Items placed along side or in another container will not be picked up. 

CIRCLE SANITATION'S  HOLIDAY SCHEDULE - If the holiday falls on or before your pick up day, your service will be delayed by one day.  

New Year's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day 



  • Place tote with arrow on lid facing street and handle AWAY FROM STREET.

  • Place totes on street or as close to curb as possible.

  • Place each tote or multiple totes AT LEAST FIVE FEET away from each other, cars, poles, mailboxes, and other obstructions.

  • Do not place totes on, in, or behind snowbanks. Place at end of driveway or street

  • If tote is blocked (cars, trees, mailboxes, etc.) tote WILL NOT be dumped until the next regular service day.


  • Only household refuse is allowed in the tote. Please continue to bag your household trash before placing inside the residential tote.

  • No hazardous waste, ashes or compost (grass clippings, leaves, and garden waste) is allowed in the tote. The following items will not be picked up in your weekly service: electronics, solvents, car batteries, tires, appliances, oils, paints, ashes, gasoline, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosols, antifreeze and construction debris.

  • ONLY the trash in the tote will be taken each week. Items placed along side or in another container will not be picked up. Additional totes can be provided for a small charge. Contact the Underwood City Office to request an additional tote.


  • Please do not overload the tote in excess of your ability to safely maneuver it. Please try to keep the lid closed to keep pets and rodents from entering tote.

  • To help maintain the appearance of your neighborhood, and to aid in snow removal, please remove the tote from the curb as soon as possible. The tote is designed to be stored in your garage or other convenient location next to your home.

  • Circle Sanitation will maintain ownership of the totes. If they are lost or damaged, on purpose or from neglect, it will be your responsibility to replace it.

  • Each tote has a serial number which is assigned to the individual residences. If needed, contact the Underwood City Office to obtain your tote's serial number.

  • If you are moving from your residence please leave at residence for new owners.



SPRING CLEAN UP:  ***Spring clean up - May 13 — 18th, 2019***   

The  City of Underwood has a "Spring Clean Up" week usually in May.    During that week, city residents have the opportunity to dispose of bulky wastes and discards not routinely collected during weekly service.   *Please keep items for clean up week separate from household garbage that is normally put in your tote. 


2019 May clean up week poster.jpg



Where can I dispose of my grass clippings, leaves and tree branches?

GRASS CLIPPINGS,  GARDEN VEGETATION  &  LEAVES:    During the summer months, the City of Underwood has designated dumpsters located at the City Maintenance Shop for these items.   Only grass clippings, leaves, and garden vegetation is to be placed in these dumpsters - remove any plastic bags or containers that you may have brought them in.  

No other garbage is to be dumped in the grass dumpsters including tree branches.  

As part of the City of Underwood's contract with Circle Sanitation, these grass dumpsters are offered as a  benefit to city residents.  

 If unauthorized debris is found in these dumpsters, the City of Underwood is charged an extra disposal fee as the dumpster is considered "contaminated" - and unusable for recycling purposes.  


TREE BRANCHES and ROCK OR CONCRETE:   The City of Underwood  has a special dump located south of the City Maintenance Shop for use by city residents only.    This site is only for tree branches, rock and concrete   - no tree trunks or roots and no other garbage is allowed.    

This tree branch dump is regulated by ND Department of Health.  Periodically, the City of Underwood applies for a burn permit for the tree branch site.  Before the burn permit is issued, the ND Department of Health inspects the site to ensure that there is only tree branches and no other debris.  If other debris is found at the site a burn permit will not be issued.

In order to conform to ND Department of Health regulations, the tree branch site is a secured area to monitor what is being disposed of.    

Scheduled Opening Times:

Monday - Friday at 3:00 PM or Saturday at 9:00 AM

Rates for the tree/rock/concrete dump site are as follows:


2019 tree dump with times.jpg

Where do I dispose of debris from a home construction / remodel project ?

You will need to contact Circle Sanitation at 1-701-838-1182 or 1-866-839-1868 to order a roll-off.    You will be billed  directly from Circle Sanitation for the roll off.   You may also dispose of the debris yourself at the area landfills listed below.   Debris from home construction / remodel will not be picked up on the weekly garbage route.


The City of Underwood does not have an inert landfill.  Area landfills are listed below:

City of Riverdale- 701-654-7636

Mercer County Regional Landfill - 701-748-5839
5251 County Rd 26
Hazen, ND 

City of Bismarck Landfill - 701-355-1700
2111 N 52nd St
Bismarck, ND

McDaniel Landfill, Inc. - 920-732-4473
12300 247th Ave SE
Sawyer, ND